Our Impact


The word 'juju', is thought to stem from the french word 'joujou' meaning 'plaything'. Juju is a concept rooted in West African History, referring to traditional spiritual practices. The word itself is not specific to any one cultural group or geographic location, but describes rituals that appeal to the supernatural to exact our desires on the physical world. 

So why JUJU & CO? At the time the company was founded, we were only making bags from jute, a super-material stronger than cotton that only requires rainwater to grow. Our love of jute is the root of our name, and our passion for sustainable materials continues today, 7 years on.



Leather has forever been a by-product of the meat industry. We believe that organically treated leather is one of the best durable and organic materials on the market today. Leather alternatives on the market today, such as cactus leather generally still contain up to 60% polyurethane - aka plastic. We at JUJU & CO only work with factories are all certified by the LEATHER WORKING GROUP, a non-profit company that audits all aspects of the leather supply chain. Accreditation from the LWG certifies the highest standard of minimal Water & Energy Usage, Solid Waste & Effluent Management, Air & Noise Emissions, Traceability, Health & Safety, Chemical Management, Restricted Substances, Compliance & Chromium VI (CrVI) Management. Our chrome-free, vegetable tanned leather meets the highest standards of ethical & sustainable leather on the market today.



We are conscious of our impact on the environment, and are proud to partner with TREENATION to plant a tree for every order to offset carbon emissions. With every purchase, you receive an email where you can view the location of your tree, the type of tree, information about the reforestation program, and interact with your tree. We send our items to you in cardboard satchels and cotton dust-bags, removing the use of plastic across the supply chain. If you can’t tell, we care about the environment hardcore. 



We are an all female team, and feel strongly about empowering women, or those who need it however we can. We employ female weavers who craft our fishers weave collection from their homes, providing a livelihood whilst remaining close to their children and families. Our bags are all handmade, and we are committed to fair pay of our workers, and our brand new factories mean an incredible standard of conditions for workers.We sponsor women breaking gender barriers in their fields, like Wendy Tuck the first female skipper to win a round-the-world yacht race. We believe in giving back to the community that allowed us to grow, so are constantly finding ways to spread our GOOD JUJU.



We believe in slow fashion. Slow fashion refers to considered shopping, the approach of investing in a few good quality items that will last a long time. Slow fashion also considers the materials, treatment of people, animals, and the planet. JUJU & CO bags are built to last a lifetime, they are designed to be worn, not to sit on a shelf. We don’t do trends, and we restock in batches to avoid overproduction and waste. Our leather gets better with age, over time it absorbing the oils in your hands for a unique bag with your ‘handprint’ on it. Shop slow - the planet & your wallet will thank you.